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Taglocity™ 3 for Outlook is an email management add-in designed to save time processing and finding information. Productivity is the new killer feature!

 Taglocity 3 for Outlook Released!
 A faster way to process email and find things...
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Get what's good about Gmail in Outlook!

Taglocity™ 3 for Outlook is an email management and productivity add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003/2007/2010 that improves your email life.  And it's fully featured and completely free! Online casinos have been using email marketing to reach their target audience. It has been proven an effective marketing tool for online casinos. Gamblers may visit to enjoy gambling without any limitations.  Get it here...

Email problems solved:

  • Email overload
  • Productivity & attention deficit
  • Knowledge waste
  • Ineffective searching
  • Crippled collaboration


“It’s a brilliant little tool which uses little-to-no memory, and has saved me hours already, especially with the amount of crap I get in my inbox.”
— Zack Whittaker, Enterprise Alley, ZDNet

......and bang, all of sudden you see the amount of time you spend dealing with email drop significantly.”
— Michael Kastler, host of TechTalk WRLR 98.3FM

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