We're pleased to offer upgrade pricing until December 31st!  All new Taglocity 2.0 for Outlook Professional licenses are offered at the version 1 to version 2 upgrade price for a limited time.

Taglocity 2.0 Pricing

  • Taglocity 2.0 for Outlook
  • Taglocity Groups

Taglocity 2.0 for Outlook Standard is free and includes an automatic 30 day trial for the Professional version.  You'll need a free Taglocity account to activate Taglocity and access our online store to purchase a Professional license.  

Price per User Free $60 to Dec 31*
Support Private Forum Email & Forum
Unlimited Tags
Intelligent Search
Tag Filter
Tag Actions
Auto Assign Tags
Tag Bar
Taglocity Pane
      Conversation List
      Attachment List
Conversation Viewer
Travelling Tags
Private Tags
Tagline Control Learn more about the differences between versions
Advanced Settings Learn more about the differences between versions
* Normally $99 - get a 40% discount until December 31st 2008.
Taglocity Groups and Taglocity 2.0 for Outlook Professional can be deployed to groups without having to separately license each installation. Please contact sales for further inquiries.
Self Host /
Subscription per User Free* $96/yr $60/yr
Server license per Server contact sales contact sales
Corporate Training Program +$ +$ +$
Implementation +$
Integration & Customization +$ +$
Maintenance & Upgrades +20%
End user support Email Email  
IT support Phone/Email Phone/Email
Data storage per group > 1 gb $2/GB/mon N/A N/A
Taglocity 2.0 for Outlook Pro
Unlimited Groups
Dashboard & Statistics
User Profiles
Unlimited Alerts
RSS Feeds/Daily Digests
Online Intelligent Search
Conversation Viewer
Online Email Viewer
Group Tag Cloud
Individual Tag Cloud
Shared Tags
  * Free for 15 members per group - please see the Online Terms and Services Agreement

Thanks for choosing
Taglocity 2.0!

Taglocity Version 1.1

Taglocity 1.1 for Outlook is replaced by Taglocity 2.0 for Outlook.  Customers wishing to upgrade to Version 2.0 will need to create a free Taglocity account and then install Taglocity 2.0 for Outlook. Learn more...

Existing Version 1 customers who need to re-install Taglocity 1.1 can get it here.

Taglocity 1.1 Upgrade Cost

We are offering a full credit towards the purchase price for Taglocity 2.0 for Outlook Professional. You pay only the $60 difference. Please visit our online store to get your new license.

Please email us if you have any additional questions regarding Taglocity 1.1.

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