Benefits for Enterprises

TeamFeed is an email collaboration service for groups to share information, reduce email overload, and improve productivity.

Reduce Email Overload & Boost Productivity

  • Share emails and attachments
  • Transfer knowledge
  • Find things very quickly with relevant search results
  • Information finds people based on their alerts
  • Get less email while gaining access to more email on-demand
  • Eliminate folder inefficiencies with tags
  • Experience fewer distractions
  • Share pre-defined tags

Knowledge Discovery

Intellectual capital is far more than patents, trade secrets, product innovations, etc.

Knowledge and know how captured in email represents a vast repository of company intellectual capital.

This intellectual capital is distributed to individual inboxes which means that only the sender and recipients have access to it, not others in the enterprise who could benefit from it. People who join teams late are disadvantaged, and so is the business when others leave and take their inbox with them.

Knowledge is a type of corporate treasure that is generally not being properly enabled or leveraged today. Taglocity provides an easy entry, highly effective solution to this lost opportunity.

Transfer Information

Efficient information sharing and knowledge transfer is challenging at the best of times. According to a study by Forrester, users of Intranets only find what they need 44% of the time, yet they are successful 85% of the time when searching the Internet.

Taglocity merges the technologies that so effectively tame the vast unstructured world of the internet with business email systems.

The result is an intuitive, non-intrusive system that enables community style knowledge work without requiring people to leave their comfort zone.

Streamline Collaboration

People like to use email for collaboration but it is a closed point-to-point system. This works well for certain types of collaborative activities, but not all.

Instead of coercing employees to learn and use new tools and technologies, Taglocity extends existing email systems to properly support the other types of collaborative activities: those that require open platform centric tools to be effective for capturing and leveraging the output of human interactions: knowledge.

The key to solving this challenge is allowing people to keep using the tool they know and love - email.

Enable Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence refers to any system that taps the expertise of a group rather than just an individual.

Taglocity allows knowledge workers to publish questions that 'find' experts. The system supports getting answers or advice from multiple sources and provides a grass-roots based checks and balance system, much like Wikipedia.

Also, through an innovative searching and browsing interface, Taglocity reveals previously published work by experts with little effort.

People can now tap into the expertise of the group for smart and timely business decisions.

Create an Agile Enterprise

The way we work is changing rapidly. The ever increasing speed of business coupled with the exponentially increasing rate of information production within the geographically expanding work communities is creating both opportunities and threats.

There is an enormous competitive advantage for individuals and business who embrace new systems that enable contextual, agile, and simplified information exchange to communities of knowledge workers, without requiring them to rewire their brains.

Taglocity makes accessible the collective intelligence of many, translating to a huge competitive advantage in the form of increased innovation, productivity and agility.

Boost individual, team, and corporate performance!

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Taglocity 2.0 Search - showing tags, date range, preview, group by conversation, and prune for fewer irrelevant results. "Searching is not the same as Finding"

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