Using Taglocity 3 with Others

Email overload can only be improved so far with a single person and their inbox; to tackle it most effectively takes a community style improvement that can only occur within groups.

Taglocity™ 3 for Outlook offers a unique two part solution to solving email overload and improving productivity for individuals and teams. The first part, called Taglocity 3 for Outlook, is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2003,  2007, and 2010.  It includes many innovative and simple-to-use features that improve personal productivity, plus it provides a rich and tightly integrated interface to the second part of the solution called TeamFeed.

Using Taglocity 3 for Outlook with Others

Even without using TeamFeed, Taglocity 3 for Outlook provides benefits to teams.

Tags in Taglocity 3 not marked private will travel with email, including reply emails, which means threads are automatically tagged saving time.  This also means everyone benefits because tags add context to messages beyond the subject line and message body which improves organization and searching. 

Search engines like Google Desktop Search and Windows Desktop Search use the tags on email messages which benefits even non-Taglocity users.  However, people using Taglocity will find things even more quickly with the intelligent pruning features of Taglocity Search.  

In addition to improving search, when other people tag email, there's a little less work for the recipients because they don't need to do it. And that means even quicker and more efficient incoming email processing and archiving.

Using TeamFeed with Others

A Taglocity Group is a place for group members to share and store tagged emails, on our secure Taglocity service, or your own private Taglocity server. Each Taglocity Group has an email address and members simply CC the group instead overloading other people’s inboxes with non-actionable informational email. TeamFeed automatically organizes everything to make it accessible via the Internet as well as Outlook via Taglocity 3 for Outlook.

Anybody can create a Taglocity Group and then invite others. Group members gain the following benefits:

  • Receive less email in their inbox but get access to more email on-demand
  • Harvest and discover knowledge with lightning-fast intelligent search across personal and group emails
  • Share and transfer information to people without overloading their inboxes to reduce 'office spam' and email overload
  • Make information instantly available to new team members
  • Browse the group content with the interactive online dashboard or via Taglocity 3 for Outlook
  • Define custom Alerts to catch important emails
  • Discover specific expertise in your community
  • Share tags collections including bundles for convenience and consistency

Watch this short video for a quick overview of TeamFeed:

TeamFeed Overview Diagram

Taglocity Basics Overview // Click to enlarge
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What is Taglocity 3 for Outlook?

Taglocity 3 for Outlook is a non-intrusive add-in that delivers many features lacking in Outlook such as powerful email organization and processing capabilities using tags, advanced tag management with bundles and user-defined actions, intelligent search with pruning, and indispensible contact centric conversation and attachment management features.

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